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Caring for Children

We believe that children have better outcomes when they form a secure attachment with a carer who understands and responds to their physical, emotional, social and learning needs with consistency and warmth.  Caring for a small group of children allows our Educators to develop strong bonds with the children and work with the families to meet the children’s educational and care needs.


We believe in the importance of healthy brain development for each child in early years of their life.  Our Educators provide a learning environment where children learn and develop by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play and activities.


We organise weekly playgroup and music times, and promote library visits and outdoor activities for children enrolled in our Service to provide learning and development opportunities including socialising and interacting in larger groups with other children and adults.

Parental Engagement

We promote parental involvement in the provision of care. Our secure Parent Portal allows parents to update information and be responsible for the accuracy of their own information. It also provides real time access to enrolment details, attendance records, fee and CCB/CCR information.

Enroling Your Child

We believe Parents place a high level of trust in us by enroling their children in our Service, and we honour that trust by working with the Parents and Educators to provide the best possible education and care for each child in our care.

Please contact us today to discuss your child care needs and we can help you find the right Educator for your child.




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